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MICRO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS method is the safest and most natural looking hair extension method on the market today. This is the only hair extension method that does not require the use of chemicals, heat, glue Braids or sewing, which means you can enjoy wearing the hair extensions without the worry of damage to your natural hair. Micro Rings are very small aluminum rings, which come in various shades of brown, black and blonde to match your own hair making them virtually undetectable. Silicone Lined micro rings are also available, this is where the micro ring has a silicone lining on the inside, not only creating a cushion between the aluminum and the natural hair, but it also providing a much more secure hold onto the hair and hair extension.

Unlike the traditional glue method, when applied and removed, micro rings cause no damage to your own hair. This means you can continue to grow your hair whilst wearing your extensions. Many clients who have had glue in hair extensions in the past have suffered with hair loss and breakage, especially during removal of the glue bonds. With the glue method clients have also experienced matting at the roots; this is something you do not get with micro ring method. Not only is this the safest method of extending your hair its is also up to 50% faster to fit a full head of extensions over other techniques. They are Easy to manage giving you the natural looking, long flowing hair you desire and last for 3 months when properly cared.

During your free consultation we will colour match your hair and you will be taken through the fitting process in detail. We will also provide you with the necessary aftercare including recommended products to use in your new hair. Removal is easy and no chemicals or solvents are needed just a simple click of a tool will take out the extensions, causing no damage and no hair loss.


We only use the finest Remi Indian Temple Hair at Bella Donna Beauty, Remi hair uses only the finest and most beautiful human hair in the world, throughout the entire manufacturing process, the hair is kept root end first, this process eliminates many common problems such as matting and tangling,The hair is tied in one direction, harvested and the result is unstripped hair with its cuticle intact. Hair that is collected at random, not keeping track of the natural direction will tangle when it gets wet, not so with remi hair.Remi hair will last longer than any other hair, it is the ultimate hair for softness, durability, minimal shedding, stronger human hair and best of all tangle free.

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£100 non-refundable deposit is required at the consultation to secure your booking, only cash or check accepted (Mobile service includes a fee)

Now introducing....

Feather hair extensions 

are the latest craze. Because the feathers are 100% natural they can be washed, brushed, blow dried and ironed just like your own hair. They are easily and quickly applied and removed and are attached to your hair using tiny undetectable micro rings lined with silicone to ensure no damage to your natural hair. You can wear the feather for up to 2 months if taken care of properly.The feathers come in different lengths to suit your hair style and the look you want.

Gorgeous new accessory that is meant for your hair! As seen being worn by Nicole Scherzinger, Beyonce and many more celebs.


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